Monday, December 13, 2010

Coffee Cup Café (Boulder City, NV)

What trip to Vegas is complete without a drive in the desert and a visit to the Hoover Dam? Inspired by one of my TV guilty pleasures – Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – we stopped at the Coffee Cup Café in Boulder City just a few miles before the dam. This spot is classic, what I would consider a typical small town diner.

The menu is also classic, serving up breakfast fare with southern and southwestern influences. We were extremely happy with our choices of the Pork Chili Verde Omelet and the Chicken Fried Steak, each served with your choice of hash browns or a short stack.

Even as a tourist, I felt the connection to the community here – a table full of local firefighters, elderly patrons sitting at the counter reading the paper, the sign guy out front fixing up the front window while neighbours stopped by to chat. I came for the food, stayed for the love.

512 Nevada Way, Boulder City, NV
Breakfast hours: 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Daily

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Buffet at Wynn (Las Vegas, NV)

I think I used up my lifetime supply of the phrase “wow!” during our stay in Vegas.
It seemed as though every corner turned induced a new need to say “wow!” and I believe I used the most “wow!”s at the Wynn Las Vegas. I won’t even bother to try and describe the beauty of the hotel, you’ll just have to go see it for yourself.

Today was a momentous birthday for my guy, and we started the day off with what was promised as the best buffet in Vegas. Oh, it delivered, and then some!

The range of food was staggering and the execution was perfection. Stations included: salads, charcuterie, breads, fired-oven pizzas, breakfast (benedicts, crab frittatas, sausages, bacon, pancakes, waffles, strawberry or blueberry compotes, peach chutney pork belly pancakes), made-to-order omelets, carvery (housemade prime rib and pepper-crusted bacon), fruits and cereals, seafood (including 5 types of ceviche), plus full-on Italian, Indian, and Chinese stations. And to finish it all off, an extensive dessert bar which included cakes, cookies, gelato, bread puddings, cinnamon buns, parfaits, and pies!

Going early is definitely recommended to beat the hour-long lineups. And make sure you have lots of time, a leisurely breakfast will make the most of your $31.95!

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas
Breakfast buffet hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Brunch buffet hours: Saturday/Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hash House A Go Go (Las Vegas, NV)

It took one airplane ride, two taxis, two looooong city bus rides, and a whole lot of walking to make it the the locally infamous Hash House A Go Go. As with most of my Vegas experiences, the process of getting there was mildly painful, but the end result was so worth it! And I would do it all over again, easily, just to enjoy the Snickers Flapjacks and Sage Fried Chicken Benedict.

The flapjack (that's “pancake” to us Canucks) was at least 14 inches in diameter and came loaded with pockets of melted chocolate, caramelized sugar, and toasted peanuts. Seriously good. For my fried chicken benedict, OK, here goes, starting from the bottom... a whack of mighty tasty mashed potatoes, topped with 2 amazing fluffy biscuits, then a layer each of griddled mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, 2 HUGE pieces of delectable fried chicken, then fried hash browns, all crowned with a chipotle hollandaise. It was awesome! Do I need to mention that I wasn't even in the ballpark of eating the entire thing?

If you go, please take this advice to heart - these plates are for sharing! The photos do not convey the ginormousnous of these jaw-dropping portions. As I watched the madness being delivered to table after table, I was seriously wide-eyed the whole time. And lovin’ it. Everything in Vegas is designed to be a spectacle – even breakfast.

6800 West Sahara Ave, Las Vegas
Breakfast hours: 7:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m., Daily

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I feel as though I did not do my due diligence today. I was intrigued by the location, the decor, and the story behind LanaLou’s, but I was so wrapped up in my own storytelling over my Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast, I missed out on exploring all of the above. Surface facts... Menu: frittatas, bennies, and french toasts with plenty of veggie options. Location: slightly dodgy (this is a plus in my books). Decor: eclectic (also a plus, I love character), i.e. church pews, chandeliers and a book collection. Backstory: No idea, I'm sure it’s a good one.

I think LanaLou’s will shine particularly as a music venue. I say this because of the great stage and vibe of the space, and because my very discerning friend was ecstatic over the playlist of tunes throughout our breakfast. Hopefully there will be live music during breakfast soon!

362 Powell Street
Breakfast hours: Saturday/Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.